Who Are We?

When we started thinking about it a few years ago, Our conceptĀ  looked cool but not too much:

A simple tool that would instantly find someone to spin a hand, anytime, anywhere?

Being stuck in a lot of situations without having friends or brother-in-law is a sensation we all knew and could not last.

We therefore thought that there was a lack of a location-based service that could put people in need of help in touch with those willing to help them.

The first version of our service, which was then called Handler , was a community of support in the pure style of collaborative consumption , it allowed us to study how users used it, and how we could improve the service.

Thanks to feedback from users and after a development work, we launched a new app completely redesigned, more efficient and simpler: our firm was born.

We are a team of longtime friends, all convinced of the usefulness of developing a tool to get help just by clicking a button. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions, suggestions or just say hello.