Unneccessary Roughness Review

The top-down perspective gives you a lot more to view than any of the others. It's quite helpful when deciding who to pass to and when.

Get ready, football fans, it's time for one of the best-looking football sims yet. You can play as either the San Francisco 49ers or the Dallas Cowboys in this hot new demo from Accolade. You'll have a comprehensive play-book, and you'll even be able to create you own plays if you want. If you've ever dreamed of coaching a team or throwing the winning passes, this game's for you.

There are several options you can control in this demo. From toggling referees to wind speed, you can make gameplay as hard or as easy as you like. You can even toggle fatigue in your players, or choose to play as a coach and call the plays, or call the plays and run them. There are only a few things missing in this demo. You play only one quarter of a game, and you can choose whether that's three to fifteen minutes. Season play is disabled, but you can still look at the menus to see what it would look like. The construction mode is still active, though, so you can tweak and create plays for defense and offense as much as you like. You can also try out the practice drills, where you sharpen your skills at punting, kickoffs, and field goals.

You might want to control the game with the keyboard, but we recommend using a gamepad. If you use the keyboard, you can control the movement of the players with the keypad arrows. When you choose a play from the play-book, press the letter corresponding to the play you like. You can flip through the pages of the book with the Z and C keys. If you use the gamepad or joystick to choose a play, you have to move the stick in the direction indicated next to the name of the play and press button two. To flip through the pages, move the stick to the bottom corners. For more information on how to play the game, check out the General Help option from the main menu.

TECHNICAL NOTE: This demo may not work too well with some video cards. If you are having problems, you may have to load a vesa driver like UNIVESA.EXE. If you load UNIVESA and start the demo and you can't see the screen, exit the demo and then run it again. Running it the second time initializes the driver properly. If you cannot read the screen the first time, you can exit by letting it load for a few seconds, and pressing escape. This will give you the prompt to exit, and you can hit return to exit the game. Also, this demo requires quite a bit of memory. If you're trying to run it through our front end, you may not have enough. Exit our front end, go to DOS, and run the demo by moving to the directory with "cd\ur96demo" and then type "ur96demo". This may be a lot of trouble, but we assure you that it's worth it.

There are several views available in this demo. You can cycle through them by using the number keys on the top of the keyboard. We suggest pressing 7 for an overhead view. It works best when trying to figure out when to pass to your receivers. Otherwise, it’s difficult to see how well they are covered.