Phantasmagoria: Horror on 7 CDs

Unless you've spent the last couple of years spelunking in Zanzibar, you've already heard of Phantasmagoria. Now it's finally here with all the elements of a big hit: a master story teller in the person of Kings Quests creator Roberta Williams, feature-film quality footage, and a story so rich and elaborate it took a record-setting seven CDs to contain it all.

The tale of Don and Adrienne's bizarre discoveries about their newly-acquired mansion is told in realistic live video. No, you don't watch a movie and then click on a plot option. You run this show.

But the thrill of Phantasmagoria isn't simply the technology, it's also the story. As Adrienne explores her new home, its dusty secrets begin to reveal themselves. The original owner, an illusionist, died in the house after the suspicious disappearances of his many wives. An evil force still inhabits the maze of rooms, and its effect on Don is disturbing, terrifying, and deadly.

With perseverance and wit, you can discover the clues that save Adrienne from Don, and Don from himself. This is truly the kind of game you'll find yourself staying up all night to play. And, with its decidedly macabre storyline, the middle of the night may be Phantasmagoria's finest hour.


The most film footage ever shot for a CD game lends Phantasmagoria the sinister qualities of a great horror feature film.


Players control every movement of Adrienne -- and this game doesn't "show" you anything. You have to find it.