Minecraft - Ender Update

Hey y'all! The awaited Minecraft update is here! And guess what? The Minecraft on Windows 10 and Pocket Edition shall be having most of the features just like the original PC version. Pretty cool huh?

This latest update was released last month on the 19th of December and is being called the Ender Update. The Ender Update has gained an incredible response. The Ender update adds a third dimension to the Minecraft – The End and its symbolic boss battle and the Ender Dragon. And after defeating the dragon you get to wander the islands of the End along with its dark mysterious End Cities. I'd like to also mention a cool site I found called minecraftforfreex.com that has Minecraft free!

You shall come across the new Shulker mob here in the End cities and acquire some awesome purple blocks for the building and they are aptly called purpur, farm chorus plants and you could even cash in the highly sought after Elytra glider from an End ship. Those who have a quest streak in them, you have the ultimate treasure prize to hunt for. There is snow and polar bears with igloos!

Another interesting feature is the 256-block world height which was formerly limited to 128-block ceiling. This height could literally double the height you could build in! The Ender update brings the End Dimension along with End Dragon and number of other features that push the Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 towards a better and creative version.

Microsoft stated some of the interesting new features when the update was to be released:

  • An interesting feature called World Seed Library assists you in finding worlds with the features you seek. The library shall populate and refresh with variety of some really amazing seeds you could try.
  • Those people, who have a likeness towards cold climates, can find themselves in chilly areas with polar bears and igloos surrounding them.
  • The best part? Music. Yes finally this Minecraft update Pocket Edition brings music to their fans. We are finally getting the original soundtrack of our favourite game.
  • Users could merge their Windows 10 edition counterparts and get to listen to the original soundtrack while playing the game. This is set separately and it's an optional download rather than being a part of the main game download directly.
  • Furthermore, the Oculus Touch input is also being integrated for folks who enjoy playing the Windows 10 edition in VR with the Oculus Rift.

That is some really incredible stuff in one update isn't it? And all of this has come just in five year since Minecraft: Pocket Edition was first launched. Minecraft has been going strong for many years having a large audience that consists of adults and young ones alike. For those who have been strong fans of Minecraft for years that how anxiously and excitedly they have to wait for the new update and The Ender Update not only brings music in the form of an original soundtrack but also gives gamers with The End which according to the developers makes the game a complete loop.