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    Paint With Sludge Paint | Tips And Advice

    Sludge paint has been used in Sweden since ancient times. It is a natural and well-proven color that is best suited to facades with unplaned timber as timber. Sludge paint is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and relatively durable; You can expect that a newly painted façade lasts for at least eight to ten years, longer if the house is in favorable conditions where it is not exposed to too much wind and rain.

    Sludge paint is ideal for outdoor painting. The best time to paint is in the spring and early summer, when the temperature is comfortable and favorable to the color. Painting in direct sunlight on a hot summer day is not recommended because the paint then dries too quickly. If you are going to paint a sunny day, make sure that you start with the shadow side of the house and “follow the shadow” during the day.

    What does slurry paint contain?

    Sludge paint is nowadays usually made of pigments, rye flour or wheat flour and water. The pigment is, for example, the classic Falu Red color iron oxide, but sludge paint is also available in other colors of black, gray, green, yellow and brown. Boiled linseed oil is also an ingredient that often occurs, as it helps the color penetrate into the wood and also provides extra protection. You should always choose slurry paint that contains linseed oil when choosing color for the facade.

    New paint with sludge paint

    New paint with sludge paint should preferably take place after the facade has been left unpainted for one year, in order for the resin to dry out and the twigs to stop bleeding. Sludge paint is a relatively easy-to-use paint that does not require so much preparation, so be sure to do it with care! You should brush the facade with a brush or piassavast, so that all dust and dirt disappears. Also rinse the facade with cold water and allow to dry.

    The first layer of paint should be mixed with about 15-20% water, in order for the paint to become slightly more smooth. It is important that the first layer of paint becomes really thin. If the color layers become too thick, the color will begin to flake. The second layer need not be diluted and should be painted when the old layer has dried for at least one day. For painting, it is best to use a brush with rough brush, such as a ceiling brush, horn suction or rough facade brush.

    Paint a facade with mud paint

    If you have a facade painted with sludge paint, it is the sludge paint you should paint with and nothing else. If, however, the facade is painted with, for example, an alkyd paint, you should not use sludge paint. Otherwise, about the same applies as for new painting; be sure to brush away flakes and excess color, then you can paint directly on the old color. Usually only one layer is required for repainting.

    Replace shade when repainting with slurry paint

    If you want to change the hue of the house a little more preliminary work is required, otherwise it will be easy for the old shade to light up after a few years. You should clean the facade thoroughly and then wash with a paint cleaner and then scrub loose loose paint with a rough brush. Then clean the facade thoroughly with lukewarm water and allow to dry.

    Then you, as we do new paint, first make a layer of diluted paint, dry one day, then undiluted paint in a thin layer.

    Help with the painting

    If you want help with painting with sludge paint, are unsure of what you have for color on the facade or want recommendations of products, you are welcome to contact us. We have great experience with facade painting with sludge paint and can help you with painting or to find the right color solution for your house!

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    5 Good Reasons To Ask A Painter For Your Work

    Do you live in Arizona and want to repaint some parts of your home to give it a facelift? Excellent idea, but be careful, it will first empty the room, protect it. Speed, savings, quality work, call a professional paint has only advantages! Quickly discover the 5 good reasons to go through a painter for your painting work.

    What are the 5 best reasons to call a professional painter for your work? Will it really cost you to go through a pro?

    Discover our answers in the following!

    5 reasons to call on a painter for your work

    1. Guaranteed professionalism, flawless work

    The painter possesses the know-how necessary to realize the good mixtures and assays of paintings, to choose the good adjuvants, according to the material of the surfaces to be painted . He will also make sure that your walls are in good condition, even to cover the rough edges, to scrape or sand the surfaces that deserve it, before applying the paint. The goal is to get the best rendering possible.

    The final rendering will also depend on the respect of the drying time and the layers of paint to be applied, according to the characteristics of your walls.

    1. Speed, efficiency: time saved for you!

    The painter has the right techniques to perform flawless and fast work. He is able to paint the equivalent of a 20m² room in one day.

    1. Material savings: the painter has all the tools

    It’s a secure bet that you will have to spend a small fortune to prepare your painting project  in brushes, rollers, tarpaulin for the floor, stepladder or ladder; all this, without of course counting the costs of the paintings that you will get in specialty stores.

    The advantage of the painter is that he brings all his equipment to your home. It is thus directly operational and can carry out the work without wasting time. This cost is partly reflected in the total of its services, but the amount will be less substantial than if you invest with your resources. It has with its supplier’s preferential rates, both for equipment and for painting.

    1. The painter also lays the wallpaper

    It is likely that you feel able to paint but is it the same to ask for wallpaper? Once again, you need the appropriate equipment, patience and especially the technique! What is more horrible than seeing a space between each roll of paper (lé), a surface that gondolas or peels off, depending on whether it is too much or not enough glue.

    The painter also has the qualifications to perform a work without burr to populate your room, as long as you have chosen the patterns and colors that you like.

    1. Smart advice to enhance your interior

    The painter is also there to advise you in your steps. Depending on your tastes, your project, the type of room to be painted, the craftsman will give you the best advice to showcase your interior. It will allow you, for example, to stop your choice with a color chart, and you can also determine with him a matte finish, satin or shiny, depending on the piece to paint. 

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    Tips to find a better home service

    Are you looking for home service? Well, you shouldn’t be worrying about anything as we’ve come up with few tips to help you find a better home service for your home. Well, many people are looking for home services as these services gain a great hype in this era and you’ll be surprised by the collected stats in the US alone. These stats show that there are above 70 % people are using these types of services.

    If you’re new in your locality, then you must be worried about all these services. Many people have property on the lease to sell. These people should be using these home services per week, and it will help a lot in getting their house better with time. There are many services like plumbing, furnishings and many more to choose from in Home service.

    How to look out for a better home service?


    A phonebook is a full-on collection of almost everything in your locality. These will provide you some numbers of plumbers and all other desired services around your locality. Although this can get a bit boring while looking for one number in a phone book which weigh more than 10kg. For that, you can look out for categories present on the phonebook which will help you a lot. As a result you’ll end up getting some great home services around your home.

    An internet Search

    Well, this can be much more helpful when compared to a phonebook. This will help you a lot in finding a perfect home service. Internet is very useful and finding a home service on internet is the best way as it will show you other people’s feedback about the cleaning service or whatever they are offering. These services on internet seems more genuine but never make a money transacti0on on internet instead, look out for the local service and meet them in personal to explain this all to them.

    Asking out your FriendsYour Heading Here

    Well, this is the most useful way to find a better and trusted home service. You should look out for your friends or neighbours who will help you guide the best way to find a perfect home service. Let it be cleaning, plumbing, room services, interior decors and all. A better home service will hold on to all these things in bulk.

    Many things matter while asking your neighbours and friends. Don’t just ask them about their contacts instead ask them for the services they got from them and their feedback. Look out for a more trustable person for the feedback else you’ll end up finding nothing.

    So what’s the final verdict?

    There are many things that you should take care of while looking out for more tips to be active. These things mentioned above can help you a lot in finding services associated with the home. Try out all these things mentioned above and it will help you a lot. Hope you found this helpful.